WORKSHOPS / Masterclass, Instytut Kultury Miejskiej

1.10, 19:00 - Lecture: Fluxus i nie awangardowe zakłócenia w koncepcjach edukacji

2.10,  17:00 - Hubert Czerepok Masterclass

2.10,  19:00 - Kijek / Adamski Masterclass

3.10,  11:00 - Śniadanie na śniadanie – meeting with Dorota Masłowska.
Host: Jakub Mansztajn, sound + questions: Adam Witkowski
coffee + breakfast

3.10. 13:30 - Workshops: Interfejsy komunikacji: ludzie, programy, maszyny (registration required!)


The organisers inaugurate the festival with a lecture that will be an introduction to the activities of the famous group Fluxus; a group that works on the border of music, poetry and visual arts. The lecture 'Fluxus and neo-avant-garde interference in education concepts' will be hosted by Antoni Michnik from ETC group, co-editor of Glissando magazine, one of the authors of Political Critique's Publishing House book - 'Narrations - Aesthetics - Geographies. Fluxus in three acts' which will be available to buy after the lecture.
Free entry. After the lecture you can join to Saturday's workshop group - we will focus on common information coding, coming from performative actions to interactions with computer systems.
The workshops 'Interfaces of communication: people, programmes, machines' will be hosted by ETC collective (Mateusz Felczak, Antoni Michnik, Maciej Ratajski).
To take part in the workshops you have to register first (spaces are limited!) through the website:

1.10, 17:30 - Lecture: Fluxus and neo-avant-garde interference in education concepts
2.10, 17:00 - Hubert Czerepok Masterclass
2.10, 19:00 - Kijek / Adamski Masterclass
3.10, 11:00 - breakfast for breakfast – a meeting with Dorota Masłowska. Hosted by Jakub Mansztajn, sound + questions - Adam Witkowski, coffee + breakfast / Drukarnia + Ania Witkowska
3.10, 13:30 - Workshops: Interfaces of communication: people, programmes, machines

The organisers would also like to invite to 2 Masterclasses. One of them with Hubert Czerepok who runs the Experimental Film Workshop on the Faculty of Painting and New Media at the Academy of Art in Szczecin. During the meeting he will present his last films - 'Reaching the stars', 'Ecosystem' and 'Revision of memory' - for the first time in Gdańsk.
The second Masterclass is hosted by Kijek/Adamski duo - members of this year's Jury of the contest. As one of the most original artists in the field of video art and animation, they were awarded with Grand Prix Interference (2014) in the video clip category. They were also distincted for the innovative character of the music video 'Katachi'. This meeting will let us get to know more about their experience.

Saturday will be started with a special 'breakfast for breakfast' with Dorota Masłowska, well-known writer, laureate of the Nike Literary Award (2006), playwright, composer and singer. We will talk about her quasi-culinary essays that will be shown as a literary stand-up, the day before, in Kazimierz Dejmek Theatre in Łódź.
The meeting will be held by Jakobe Mansztajn (poet, half of the Make Life Harder duo), Adam Witkowski (visual artist, member of the bands Gówno and Nagrobki) will take care of the sound. You can expect nostalgic nutritional accents over coffee.
All of the workshops are coordinated by Ania Witkowska (visual artist, lecturer at the Academy of Art in Szczecin, curator of last year's edition of Narracje Festival)
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